CDM is a market based mechanism under the Kyoto protocol of UNFCCC which assists developed Countries
(Annex I) to migrate their carbon emission and developing countries (Non Annex I) in sustainable development
while still contributing to the ultimate objective of emission reduction.

Indicative list of the fields in which CDM may be applicable

·         Renewable energy projects (Wind Power, Solar, Biomass, Hydel)

·         Fuel Switching (from fossil fuel to green fuel like biomass, rice husk, etc.)

·         Energy Efficiency Measures (Boiler & Steam Efficiency, Efficient Cooling System, Back Pressure Turbines, Installation of Variable Speed Drives, Pump& Pumping System, Improved Co –gen Efficiency)

·         Induction of new technologies in power sector

·         Waste Management ( Capturing landfill methane emission to generate power, Methane recovery from municipal solid wastes, biomethanation for power, Utilization of waste and waste water emissions for generation of energy)

·         Transport (Fuel switch from gasoline/diesel to natural gas)


·        In CDM, a company/firm based in developing countries tries to reduce their carbon emission in various ways such as energy efficient processes, waste management, using renewable energy resources etc. They will get CERs (Certified Emission Reduction) for this additional effort to reduce the GHG emission. It can sell CERs to another firm/company based in developed country creating additional cash flow for them.

·        The company /firm in developed countries use traded CERs to meet their emissions reduction targets under the Kyoto Protocol.


We introduce ourselves as a total “Integrated Service Provider” in the field of CDM.We have global presence and vast experience in this field.In this we will,

·         Take a carbon footprint

·         Suggest various measures to reduce the emission

·         Arrange finance for the changes if required

·         Convert this project into CDM

·         Take the responsibility of making PIN,PDD,taking approval from DNA,upto final registration to UNFCCC

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